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We Must Sustain...

For so long, I didn't know how sustainability, yoga, engineering, didn't make sense together!  But sustainability is about creating enough for the present, without sacrificing the ability of the future to meet their needs as well.  Why can't that apply to our lives?  Why can't we be sustainable in the environment, yes, but also in our daily existence and in our bodies and in our minds and in our relationships too?  And maybe...we can even enjoy the journey?

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Sustain the Environment


As a registered professional engineer, I am proud to say I know a thing or two about science.  In particular, my technical focus is on the environment.  Chemistry.  Air.  Water.  Waste. I love it all.  That's why I aim to share my story as a scientist, as a concerned citizen, and as someone who believes that all people deserve to know about this majestic and noble planet we call Earth.  If you'd like to understand how to make your home or business more sustainable, let's build a plan for you!

Sustainability: About

Sustain Your Life


As a child, my father used to teach me HOW things worked.  I loved designing  science projects to test the speed of different arrows, building Paul Bunyon's microphone, and creating the Order of the Engineer ring.  Now, I take things apart at home, and rebuild them - as sustainably as possible.  Let's incorporate sustainability into your upgrades & remodels together!

Sustainability: About

Sustain Your Body & Mind


My relationship with food has changed immensely over the years.  I've experienced lows: from an eating disorder, to allergies and intolerance.  Yet I've also experienced highs: feeling comfortable and confident with my body and it's strength.  I aim to share how I cultivated a positive relationship with food as a creative outlet in my life, and share some tricks and tips for others going through a difficult culinary season.

I am also excited to share stories of sustaining my mind - as a survivor of some severe relationship traumas, I hope that some of the lessons I've learned will help you to feel heard, held, and encourage you to sustain on your own journey.

Sustainability: About
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