The Story of ENJOY


No joke: this site came to me in a dream.  Before I had a business plan, I had a name and a web address.  

Enjoy is my passion.

In my 500-hr yoga teacher training's first immersion, we wrote why we were there.  Mine: "I am more than one thing".  For my whole life, I've struggled to tie all of the pieces of my life into a big knot - often getting tangled.  Instead, the combination of my activities through yoga and mindfulness, my desire to save the planet through sustainability and my being a connector came together here.




Join near or far.  We aim to support you as you experience your own revolution.

About me:

- My pronouns are she/her - your full self is honored here.

- I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200).

- I am certified in Red Cross CPR.

- I believe all bodies and brains can practice yoga.

*Note: 20% of all sales is shared with the causes below that are near and dear to our community.  If you're a non-profit, I can also decrease the price by 20% accordingly.  Thank you for revolutionizing the world one purchase at a time!


Land Acknowledgement:

The land where I live and work is sacred to many who lived here before me. 

Some of those peoples who deserve great honor and appreciation include:




Street Corner Protestors


Native Drums

Honoring Local Roots

Happy Girls

Honoring Yoga Lineage

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Equality for All

Image by Ritchie Valens