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Sustainability at Home: My Bathroom

How to Clean & Green Your Bathroom Routine

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I use a lot of products in my bathroom!  So much so that this is one of two separate posts: Shower vs. Sink!  Besides my kitchen and garage, this room contains the greatest number of small items - plus, I use them daily.  Therefore, it's one of the most efficient areas for making small, incremental changes that can impact your sustainability, and that can revolutionize your self-care routine.

Up First: The Shower!

Let's start in the shower...where we have the best thoughts, and the greatest relxation!  Last year, I focused greatly on creating moments of serenity and peace in my life where I can truly savor the moment.  One of the easiest ways to tune in to multiple senses at once is to take a few extra seconds to set the scene BEFORE you get to washing.  I love to start with scents, because they are greatly linked to your memory...  

Scents: A couple of my favorite senses to use in the shower are Lavender*


and .  Lavender is one of my favorites for evening showers, where it can help you wind down for the evening.  

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Salts: If you're choosing a bath, my favorite way to take care of my muscles and relax is using Dr. Teals Epsom Salts* These have two different scents (lavender and eucalyptus), and the magnesium sulfate is supposed to help reduce swelling (even if only anecdotal - there's very few situations where sitting in a warm bath won't do you good!)

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Soap: Chagrin Valley Soaps

Shampoo: Butter Bar

Conditioner: Coconut Oil*

Razor: In college, I always loved the soft, silky feeling of freshly shaved legs...but I HATED buying blades and throwing the old ones away.  However, I didn't make any changes because I was so nervous about switching to a safety-blade (the memory of that one time slicing my Achilles tendon with blood flowing into the drain made a huge impact on me!).  Enter: Albatross I had did a ton of research

Butterfly Razor at <$30, and with such great reviews, I decided to try it.  The amount of money I'd save just on razor heads alone seemed worth it.  

How to: Hold the razor at a 30 degree angle to your leg, underarm, or anywhere you're shaving.  Start by moving the razor VERY lightly across your skin, and gather your confidence.  I've had a great experience, and actually cut myself FAR less than I ever did with any other disposable or semi-disposable razor.

Lotion: I used to get little bumps on the backs of my arms and my inner thigh called keratosis pilaris.  My doctor helped me to diagnose, and the solution was beyond simple: use moisture directly after showering!  My favorite lotion is Farmstead Apothecary* This lotion smells luscious, and feels light - no oily feel is left behind.  Plus, I feel good about the ingredients - they're all organic!

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